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In years past, it made sense that if you weren’t able to graduate from high school you could take a few tests and get your GED® certificate. However, as time has passed, organizations and companies are no longer recognizing equivalency exams as a valid alternative to a high school education. Even the U.S. Military limits the number of enlistees without a high school diploma.

Additionally, there are some big changes coming up for the GED Testing Service®. In 2014, the exam will take place entirely on a computer. It will also be graded on two categories: high school content and career and college readiness scores. For career and college readiness, there will be four content areas for scoring: literacy, mathematics, science, and social studies.

While high school equivalency tests may be a cheaper alternative, students will be missing out on the depth of education that a high school program can provide. You won’t be a high school graduate and you may run into a variety of roadblocks that only having a high school diploma can get you through. If your intention is to continue on to college or to get a better job, a real high school diploma is a better option.

Keep in mind that passing the GED® test merely grants you a certificate. That is not the same as a real diploma from an accredited online high school. Some colleges and employers don’t recognize high school equivalency certificates and research shows it is not more effective for landing a job.

It used to be that people turned to the GED Testing Service® as a solution because it was the easiest way to satisfy secondary school requirements if you dropped out of high school. However, now with online high schools so prevalent, it’s easier than ever to go back and get your diploma within the comfort of your own home. These programs let you work within your schedule and time frame, with tutor support, so that you can succeed.

That’s where we can help. We help partner you with an online high school program that will match your needs and requirements. All of the schools we work with are nationally and regionally accredited. Earning a diploma from an accredited online high school ensures that colleges and prospective employers will accept your education.

That concludes our battle over online GED ® vs high school diploma.

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