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Nation Sees Graduation Rate Increase But Challenges Remain

For the first time in the history of the country the high school graduation rate in the United States has topped 80%. Driven by sharp increases in the graduation rates of African-American and Hispanic students, authorities are optimistic that, if current gains continue, by 2020 the United States could see a graduation rate of 90%. […]



Rate of U.S. High School Grads Entering College Continues to Slide

For the past 50 years, popular wisdom in American culture has said that going to college after high school is the best way to get ahead in life.  And while getting a college education still strongly correlates to increased earnings, new statistics indicate that fewer high school graduates are enrolling in college.  The decreasing rate […]



It’s Never Too Late To Get Your Diploma

One of the most common reasons people say that they have not gotten their high school diploma is due to a lack of time. Specifically they cite the fact that they have to work, care for the kids, and do other mundane life and household chores as the reasons why they cannot get the high […]



U.S. Adults Deemed “Dumber than Average” after Poor Test Results

The United States has long prided itself on American “exceptionalism,” an idea which suggests that the U.S.A. has the best of everything – from the world’s best economy to the world’s best educational system. The concept of exceptionalism is not just some fluke, but rather it is based in the idea that the very core […]