15 Year Old Graduates with 4 Associate Degrees

Jun 4, 2014 | 9:22 am
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15yroldEvery so often a news story breaks about a phenomenal child who finishes high school early and tackles college courses years before his or her peers. Such stories are always inspirational, showing the world that there are no limits to what human beings are capable of. One such story, which was recently published in USA Today, told of a 15 year-old student who recently graduated with four community college associate degrees.

Paradise Valley, Arizona resident Alexander “AJ” Gilman began taking classes at Paradise Valley Community when he was just 13 years old. Entering the college in 2012 as part of Maricopa County’s early college program, Gilman was ready to tackle the challenges of intense coursework and learning how to fit in to the college culture which would have him relate with teenagers and adults much older than he. To his surprise, Gilman found that he was able to make friends on campus and that his love for math was not a hindrance to his social life. One of the ways AJ adapted to college life was by joining numerous clubs and the student council.

Gilman excelled on campus, much to the delight of his mentor, math professor Tony Craig. After two years of hard work Gilman earned associate’s degrees in science with an emphasis in mathematics, arts, general studies, and business administration. In August is expected to attend Arizona State University, entering as a junior. He says he plans to double major in finance and business legal studies.

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