2014 Changes To The GED

Feb 19, 2014 | 8:00 am
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GED examIn an effort to modernize the GED program, changes are being made to the GED exam, and will go into effect for all tests taken beginning in January, 2014. A discussion about the actual changes to the test will follow, but first is important to take a moment out to identify why it is so important that the GED test be updated. The changes are meant to reflect today’s changing society and workforce.  The revisions to the test are meant to ensure that not only will a GED holder be on a more even footing with those who have graduated high school, but also that GED recipients have a more clearly defined roadmap for employment and self-development in life.

The New GED test will be Different

The current version of the GED test is known as the 2002 Series. The 2014 Series GED will be significantly different from the 2002 Series in many ways. For starters, the 2002 GED had primarily multiple choice, essay, and grid format questions, while the 2014 version will have additional question formats including drag-and-drop, fill in the blank, and extended response.

The breakdown of the number of questions and time needed to take each section of the test will not vary significantly. What will vary are the methods the test uses to gauge the knowledge of the test taker. For example, the Social Studies portion of the 2002 test only featured multiple choice answers. In the 2014 format the test taker will also have to answer an “extended response” item, which may take up to 25 minutes and include reading a passage of approximately 600 words.

The 2014 test will not be pencil and paper based like the 2002 version, but will instead be computer based. Also, the price is doubling from $60 to take the test, to $120.

Is it Time to Worry?

Whether the changes to the GED prove worrisome or not depends on the individual. Some people will decide that now is the time to take the GED, before the new test goes into effect. Others may actually prefer to take the newer GED exam. According to the New Hampshire Department of Education, the last time a new GED came into effect was January 1, 2002. They report that there was a 37 percent increase in people taking the GED just before the new test was rolled out. This seems to indicate that most people would rather take the GED before the change, rather than after.

Preparation Means Confidence

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