Best Places to Study for Your Online High School Diploma

Jul 1, 2013 | 6:00 am
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When it comes to studying material for an online class, your options are virtually endless. As long as you have a laptop and an Internet connection, you can basically study wherever and whenever you want. However, that doesn’t always mean you should.

Some places may be convenient, but due to distractions and extra noise, might make it more difficult to concentrate. This can result in wasted study time and to you taking longer than needed to finish up course work.

That doesn’t mean you always have to be at home at a desk, though. It’s just important to note what type of environment is best suited for various types of study. Below we’re going to take a look at some of the pros and cons of various places you can study.

Public Library

This is a great option for studying material that requires a high level of concentration. It’s also a extra convenient if you need to be within reach of extra research material. On the flip side, if you don’t have headphones, and you need to watch tutorials, this may not be an ideal location. In addition, if it’s particularly busy or there is an event going on, you may not be able to find a comfortable spot to do your work. Check the library’s calendar of events to make sure the days you pick to go are suitable for your needs.


The idea behind studying at a local coffeehouse is to kill two birds with one stone. It provides a change of pace as well as a bit of a break from the norm. However, if it’s busy, it can be a huge source of distraction. The best type of work to do there would be things like watching videos or work that doesn’t require a heavy amount of concentration.


Similar to the benefits of a library, depending on the layout, a bookstore can offer a quiet place to focus on schoolwork. This is best suited for work that can be done on a tablet computer or smartphone, since there may not be adequate space to sit with a laptop. An added benefit is that most bookstores have some type of cafe within or nearby. The close proximity to food can help give you a brain boost while you’re catching up on your studying.

Local Park

Sometimes fresh air is just what’s needed to give you a different perspective on your work. While this may not be the best place to write out papers or use your laptop, it could provide the best location for studying flash cards or doing any work you can do on a tablet or smartphone. When you feel like you need a quick break, you can just get up and walk around for a change of scenery.

Hospital Cafeteria

If you live near a hospital, you might find the best spot to catch up on your schoolwork is the their cafeteria. Many bigger hospitals have cafeterias that are open 24/7 and have high speed Internet access. Another great side benefit is having access to food and drinks all night as well. If you have to catch up on your schoolwork whenever you can, having a place to go at any time of night can be a huge advantage.

Quick Serve Restaurants

Places like Panera that have free wi-fi can be a great place to get some schoolwork done. They offer all the same benefits of a coffeehouse, except you’ll usually find more space to spread out. Again, work that requires a deep amount of concentration will probably not be best for this environment, but reading or studying for a test should be perfect.