Finding A Way To Finish High School

Jul 29, 2013 | 6:00 am
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There’s a fable about the crow and the pitcher that showcases the idea behind the phrase “necessity is the mother of all invention.” One day, a crow happens upon a pitcher containing some water. The crow, being incredibly thirsty, tries to drink the water. However, the water is too low in the pitcher and the neck is too small for the crow’s beak to reach it. Knowing that she would die without the water, she thinks of clever remedy. She took some nearby pebbles and began adding them to the pitcher. This caused the water level to rise to a point where the crow was actually able to drink the water.

This fable has some direct correlations with why and when you actually accomplish something in your life. When you were younger, getting a high school diploma may not have felt like a necessity. You may have had other situations that were a higher priority at the time and therefore the idea of “needing” to finish high school wasn’t your chief concern. You may have even experienced issues with the standard of education or the ability to get tutoring or help.

As an adult, it’s much easier to understand how a diploma can make your life easier. More career choices are open to you as well as the new-found confidence of having achieved a huge accomplishment. In addition, being able to attend college can offer you even more advantages. However, it all starts with the need and desire of completing your high school education.

The good news is that once you discover the need, it’s now easier than ever to actually achieve this goal. You don’t need to attend night school or do a program with other actual high school students. You don’t need to adhere to a strict class schedule, either.

In fact, the rise of online education has provided a number of excellent and actually doable options for obtaining a high school diploma. Now you can take classes when it fits your schedule and have a direct line to available tutors or mentors. You can even take some accelerated or advanced classes to achieve higher marks, making it easier to attend college as well.

If you’re at the point where you believe a high school education has become a necessity for you, you’ll find a way to achieve this goal. With the adoption of online high school programs, the barriers that once existed to getting an education are falling down.

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