Must Use Educational Apps for Students

Jan 29, 2014 | 8:00 am
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typeThere is no question that technology dominates modern learning. However, if you find your studies are somewhat lacking in this department, there is good news. There are a number of apps that can be used to enhance learning and integrate the latest technology that is available. Some of the hottest apps are highlighted here, along with what they have to offer for your learning experience.

Mobi Max: Language and Math Online

This is a completely free app that provides online resources for subjects including reading, language and math for grades kindergarten to eighth. All of the lessons that are available are streamlined with the Common Core Standards, allowing students to obtain the skills necessary for the required state tests. There is a pro version available for only $59, as well. The app will allow you to easily identify and fill in gaps for the skills that may be lacking, making the preparation process for testing much more efficient. This is extremely important for students learning online, as they do not have the traditional student-teacher relationship.

EduClipper: Clip and Share Made Easy

This app is being referred to as the “Pintrest for education.” This is an open social platform, allowing students to share educational content and contribute to the boards. It allows students to collect and share information with other students from around the world, making it a truly global platform. Additionally, students can collaborate on projects, clubs and learn from each other. This allows those who may be isolated with online learning to interact and communicate with peers that are their own age.

Metta: Turn Web Content into Actual Video Lessons

A type of digital storytelling tool that allows you to create a movie of the lesson you are on. The videos can then be embedded into a website or blog, or turned in as a project for any subject. The best part is that this technology can be used from grades K through college. This app has been compared to an engaging version of PowerPoint presentations, a YouTube channel or a video editor.

Splashtop Whiteboard: Transform the iPad into an Interactive Whiteboard

This app allows you to create custom presentations via your iPad or other iOS device. It is streamlined to help control all technology that is used within for learning and allows you to give a presentation in an interactive method, making notes and marks on top or existing presentations that have been created.

The fact is that with many learning programs focused on preparation for testing, integrating technology is something that is simply overlooked. However, all types of providers have offered easy to use apps that make technology integration into learning simple. There are very few learning platforms, whether it is virtual school or online classes, which do not use the latest innovative technology in one form or another.

For those that are learning through online courses or a virtual school, the apps offer interaction, organization and a new way of supplementing the skills that must be learned for particular grade levels.