The Online High School Trends to Notice

Feb 12, 2014 | 8:00 am
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Online education is a trend being embraced by a large number of the nation’s high school students. This is a trend that is becoming increasingly available and used around the U.S., taking the classroom experience away, and allowing high school students to learn from the comfort of their home. Some of the biggest trends surrounding online high school classes are highlighted here.


One of the most impactful trends of high school online learning is how quickly school districts around the nation are adopting the option. Why, you may ask? This is an effort for these districts to improve the quality of education that students receive, to build increased sustainability and control the costs incurred by the district.

Choices of Courses

The selection of courses is growing, yet anything that is offered in the traditional public school is being offered through the online high school. This means that contrary to the belief of some critics, students will not fall behind or lack certain skills, unless they simply do not do the work that is assigned.

Real Teacher Interaction

Digital or online high school and homeschooling are not the same thing. When a child is home schooled, their parents or hired person, is responsible for teaching the lessons and ensuring that their work is completed. When a student attends online high school they will watch live lessons, attend presentations and interact with a teacher, through an online source, on a daily basis. This means that they receive the same lessons as kids in the classroom, while completing the work from their home.

Opportunities to Earn College Credits

Just because a student is attending their classes and lessons online, it does not mean that they lose the opportunity to gain college credits. The fact is that an online high school offers all the learning advantages of traditional high school, allowing the person to receive superior results as well as college credits, depending on the classes they work and the work that is completed.

Social and Parent Groups

In communities where online learning is extremely popular, there are usually a number of parent support groups that will help a parent allow their child to learn with the online services that are offered. These groups can help to take the place of the traditional classroom interaction and ensure a more productive work day.

The fact is that the popularity of this type of learning environment is growing with every passing month. It is being adopted in districts, which is providing kids in high school, as well as lower classes, such as kindergarten to 8th the ability to ditch traditional classroom learning for a more fun, but harder work online learning.

If you are considering taking high school online, you should weigh all of the pros and cons carefully to determine if this is the right option for you. Once you make the switch to digital learning you will see the resemblance it has to traditional classrooms, minus the actual classroom.