The #1 Reason to Go Back And Get Your High School Diploma

Aug 26, 2013 | 4:00 am
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There are many predetermined milestones that a person is expected to achieve in their lifetime. Graduating from high school is one of those milestones. Because of this, when you drop out of school, there’s a sense of something missing or an incompleteness. The thing is, you’re not alone.

Each year one million teenagers quit attending school. While you may not be alone, it’s not great news, since the unemployment rate for people without a high school diploma is nearly twice that of the general population.

Whatever your reason for dropping out, there’s one single reason for going back to graduate – regret. For many high school dropouts, if given the opportunity they’d go back and continue their education. Even celebrities, such as Drake (at 25) and Mark Wahlberg (at 41), who have “made” it without a high school diploma have chosen to go back and graduate. The chance to go back and fill in those “what ifs” can be a powerful life changing course of action.

Aside from the personal satisfaction and huge self-esteem boost, it’s also important to consider the monetary benefits of graduating:

  • A high school dropout is ineligible for 90% of US jobs.
  • A high school graduate will earn on average $260,000 more than a dropout.
  • High school graduates are 7x more likely to own their own homes.
  • Adults who graduate from high school are 8x less likely to spend time in jail.

The fact is, getting your diploma can mean great things. It doesn’t matter why you dropped out, it only matters what you choose to do about your education today. The reasons you had in the past are not the same reasons today. In fact, with online high school programs, getting an accredited high school education has really never been easier.

Online programs allow you to work at your own pace, within your own schedule, so you can graduate on your own time and level. All of your classes are online, so you don’t need to go through the embarrassment of actually attending a physical school as an adult. As an added bonus, many schools offer tutoring and community forms for extra help. This style of learning can eliminate many barriers that may have existed previously and helped contribute to your decision to drop out in the first place.

“Sometimes when learning comes before experience it doesn’t make sense right away.”
–Richard David Bach

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