The Real Expense of Dropping Out of High School

Jul 22, 2013 | 6:00 am
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Did you know that the unemployment rate is highest among individuals without a high school diploma? In fact, as of 2012 it was 12.4% – nearly four percent more than those with a high school diploma. In addition, high school dropouts make less weekly as well. In 2012, the median weekly earnings for an individual without a high school diploma was $471. High school graduates made $652. That’s nearly $10,000 more per year, just for finishing high school. It jumps even higher with just a few college courses.

So what’s the true expense of dropping out of high school? Missed opportunities. The reason that certain jobs require this level of education is because specific standards are expected at these jobs. It’s understood that if you graduated high school, you are able to follow through on at least a minimum level of commitment and that you have a certain degree of basic education.


Certainly, you can do a lot without a high school education if you are driven and passionate about learning on your own, however, if you’re on this site, chances are you are beginning to understand exactly how much your lack of a high school education is really hurting you.

$10,000 more per year is not a number you should ignore. The cost of time and energy to finish up your high school education is nothing compared to what you’re losing by putting it off any longer. With online options widely available, there really isn’t a valid excuse to not have your diploma.

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Statistics Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Population Survey