What’s Your Online Learning Style?

Oct 21, 2013 | 5:00 am
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One of the greatest benefits of online learning (besides the flexibility) is the ability to learn the way that works best for you. Everyone has different learning styles, and using the one that works best for you can make huge difference in your entire online learning experience. To help you determine how to set up your schoolwork based on your learning style, take a few minutes and think about the questions below.

What subjects do you find the easiest?
Knowing where your strengths are can help you accelerate some areas of learning, so you can spend more time on areas where you may be weaker. For instance, is writing a breeze? Does science spark an interest? Tackle those subjects first and get them out of the way, or plan to take them during busy times of the year where you may not have as much time to focus, such as summer or the holidays.

What subjects do you find the most difficult?
Knowing where you’re going to need to take extra time or get extra help will go a long way towards getting through your more difficult subject areas. If you know it’s going to take you twice as long to complete a math assignment, you can allot the proper amount of time to that course.

When is your best “alert” time?
Are you best in the morning or are you a night owl? You may even find that you’re most alert in the afternoon. Whatever your best time is, try to study your more difficult subjects or assignments then. This will help you have all of your brain power when it’s needed most.

How do you learn best?
Like I mentioned earlier, everyone has a learning style that fits them best. Do you retain information better if it’s written down or shown to you? Do you do better if you take notes while listening to a lecture? When you do your schoolwork, remember what your learning styles are and do that type of coursework first. For instance, if you have the option to listen to a lecture or read the text – pick the option that works best for your learning style.

What makes school fun for you?
It’s a lot easier to do something if you enjoy doing it. What about learning makes it fun for you? Do you enjoy learning more about specific people or do you enjoy being able to recite facts? Focus on your strengths and allow for time to delve into other subjects or topics that may excite you. Learning is a lifelong practice, and making the work that you enjoy a priority will help you seek out other educational experiences in the future.